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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Fabric Terms & Policies

GIANTI makes no guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, as to the fitness or merchantability of its fabrics unless expressly stated. A continuing guarantee under the
Textile Fiber Products Identification Act filed with the Federal Trade Commission.

All orders shipped from stock will be invoiced the day following shipment and the invoice serves as the acknowledgment. Backordered merchandise will be acknowledged with an approximate delivery date. We will not be held responsible for delays beyond our control and/or cancellations of backordered merchandise
ordered specifically for you.

Dyelots do vary from one shipment to another. If you require an exact dyelot match, you must submit a sample with your order or request a Cutting for Approval (CFA) from current stock. We cannot accept returns or issue credit for dyelot variation unless a sample was submitted with your order.

We do not guarantee silks against fading or for precise color matching, colorfastness and durability. Cutting from current stock is recommended.

We will reserve yardage for ten (10) working days for customers with an account number. Cuttings and Reserves or COD/Proforma Reserves will also be held for ten (10) working days. We are not obligated to inform customers that a reserve has expired.

No orders will be accepted for less than one (1) yard per individual cut.

All prices listed herein are subject to change without notice.

Net 30 Days, Cash on Delivery (COD), and Proforma (CBD). Late charges will be assessed on all past due balances.

A GIANTI Customer who sells on the Internet is permitted to sell GIANTI products, through its website only to consumers residing within the local territory where the GIANTI Customer’s principal place of business is located, or where they regularly perform decorating, design or installation services. Such Customers agree not to sell or offer for sale GIANTI products to fill orders that are the direct result of the efforts of another GIANTI Customer. GIANTI reserves the right to immediately terminate its relationship with anyone who promotes the sale of GIANTI products via the Internet, through on-line auctions such as eBay, or through any similar means.

Wallcovering Terms & Policies

To Order Please order by design name and color. All orders must be placed and shipped in full bolt quantities. Have a contractor estimate the number of single rolls required. Orders must be rounded off to the nearest bolt size.Product Information

Screen-printed wallpapers are priced by the single roll, and packaged and sold in double or triple rolls. They are pre-trimmed and come in various widths and lengths. Refer to the specific wallcovering for actual dimensions; see example of the different types below:

• 20.5” wallpaper packaged in double rolls 20.5” x 11 yds. (56.36 sq. ft.)
• 27” wallpaper packaged in double rolls 27” x 9 yds. (60.75 sq. ft.)

Warranty and Claims

The highest quality workmanship is employed in the wallcovering production, but the final inspection and approval are the responsibility of the customer.We are not responsible for labor costs incurred in hanging incorrect or imperfect material. Claims against wallcovering will not be accepted after cutting or hanging.Color changes (hot spots) or discolorations due to un-neutralized plaster, additional paste, improper wall preparations or papering over old wallcoverings are not covered in the warranty.Paints and other matching or coordinating materials should be matched to actual wallpaper and/or fabric, not to memo sample or sample book. When ordering, be sure to order sufficient quantity as it is not always possible to guarantee the same color run if additional material is needed. We recommend ordering an extra roll.

Return Policy

Full, uncut bolts of wallcovering in unopened factory wrappers returned without fault to vendor will be subject to a 30% service fee. No returns after 30 days. Returns must be made only with authorization. Single rolls are not returnable; overage is not returnable. Merchandise returns should be shipped to our Receiving Department:


Attn: Receiving Department
127 Pike Circle Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006


BE CERTAIN ALL ROLLS ARE THE SAME PATTERN AND RUN NUMBER BEFORE CUTTING. Carefully examine your order for design, color, quantity or imperfections. All material should be in your possession prior to cutting wallpaper. All wall surfaces should be clean, dry and smooth. PLEASE READ THE HANGING INSTRUCTIONS INSIDE THE ROLL OF WALLCOVERING TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT PRIMER, ADHESIVE AND PROCESURE FOR THE SPECIFIC ITEM YOU ARE HANGING.


Some but not all wallcoverings are strippable. If listed in our price list or sample book as being strippable, to remove loosen the edge at the top, pull down and away from the wall to remove the wallpaper. It is not necessary to moisten or scrape.Merchandise Reeturn Policy

1. No merchandise will be accepted for return unless a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) has been issued. A request for an R.M.A. label must be made within 30 days of the invoice date and merchandise must be in our possession within 30 days of the date on the R.M.A. Label.

2. The request for return of merchandise must include the invoice number, description, quantity and the reason for request of the return.

3. No merchandise under six (6) yards will be accepted for credit.

4. Merchandise that has been cut or special processed (Soil & Stain Repellant Finish, Paper Backing, Knit Backing, etc.) will not be accepted for credit unless prior approval has been given.

5. Wallpaper can be returned only in full length bolts, double roll or triple roll depending on packaging. Claims will not be accepted after cutting and hanging. GIANTI will replace all defective merchandise prior to cutting and hanging, but will not be responsible for labor cost. Color changes (hot spots) or discolorations due to unneutralized plaster, additional paste, improper wall preparations or papering over old wallcoverings are not covered in this warranty.

6. A handling charge will be assessed for merchandise returned for reasons without fault of GIANTI Outgoing and incoming freight charges and any pickup service fees will be charged to the customer.HANDLING CHARGES

Cut yardage (20%) Trimmings (20%)Full Bolts (15%) Wallpaper (30%)

We do not guarantee dyelots and cannot issue credit for dyelot variation unless a sample to match was submitted with your order.